Internationally awarded non-alcoholic spirits

0% Alcohol – 100% Flavor

Introducing our ingredients

15 different botanicals


Lightly Peppery and Sweet Mint notes Find it in: Ceder’s Crisp


Fresh like mint, sweet like blackcurrant Find it in: Ceder’s Crisp, Ceder’s Wild


Floral, Sweet and Earthy Find it in: Ceder’s Crisp


A little sweet and floral, but mostly warm Find it in: Ceder’s Wild  


A lemony herb, for the freshness Find it in: Ceder’s Classic


Fresh and Crisp Find it in: Ceder’s Crisp


Warm spiced freshness Find it in: Ceder’s ClassicCeder’s Wild


Tangy and fresh with a little sweetness Find it in: Ceder’s Wild


Fruity and Floral Find it in: Ceder’s Rose


A fresh forest flavor that gives you all the Gin sensations Find it in: Ceder’s Classic, Ceder’s Crisp, Ceder’s WildCeder’s Rose


Floral, fresh, with a touch of mint Find it in: Ceder’s Classic, Ceder’s Crisp


Fresh, Zesty Acidity Find it in: Ceder’s Crisp

Oak Wood

Forresty, strong, bold, almost smoked Find it in: Ceder’s Wild


Sweet, woody and a little nutty Find it in: Ceder’s Classic, Ceder’s Crisp, Ceder’s WildCeder’s Rose


Fragrant, Smooth and Delicate Find it in: Ceder’s Rose

What’s in the bottle ?

0% alcohol
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When you crave a cocktail but not the downside, there’s Ceder’s. Alcohol and sugar free but packed with flavors. Grab your shaker! 

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0% alcohol, 0 sugar, 100% flavor.

Looking for a tasty alternative to your usual cocktail? Try Ceder’s non-alcoholic distilled spirits.

For #WorldHealthDay choose the dry option, Ceder’s & Tonic, the pleasure without concession, offering a sophisticated non-alcoholic alchemy of flavors that invites spirited individuals to savor every moment with mindfulness and joy to live fully alive.

Ceder’s Classic & Tonic recipe : 
1. Into a wine glass filled with cubed ice, add 50ml Ceder’s crisp and 100ml premium Indian tonic water​
2. Next, garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary​
3. Finally, contemplate your creation and enjoy
You can never go wrong with the classics. Have you tried Ceder’s Classic & Tonic?

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Your Monday night drink sorted. Give our Ceder’s Mule a try and let us know what you think.

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Let’s celebrate Spring the way we do best: enjoying the sun with delicious drinks.
Like all the alcoholic-free Ceder’s flavors, Ceder’s Crisp is vegan friendly, gluten-free and sugar-free.

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Unwind after a long day with a delicious Ceder’s Mule. Sit down, sip and enjoy!

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