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Ceder's Rose

Soft & Sweet

Ceder’s Rose is always a hit is with notes of rose, juniper and hibiscus. It is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit with delicate sweetness and a smooth finish. Like all the Ceder’s flavors, Rose has 0% Alcohol, 0 calories and 0 sugar – just great flavor from excellent ingredients and expert distillation.

To enjoy Ceder’s Rose at home, try mixing 1 part Ceder’s with 2 parts tonic and garnish with fresh raspberries and mint. For more cocktail inspiration, check out our Ceder’s recipes below.

Don’t take our word for it, the Ceder’s products have won a number of medals for great taste- including Gold for Rose at the 2022 World Drinks Awards.

Contains added preservatives

Tasting Notes

The distinctive taste of juniper with citric notes combined with floral hints of rose and the fruity flavor of hibiscus with its tangy and sweet tones. Its soft and sweet character delivers a unique, balanced palate of serenity. With a sophisticated palate and smooth finish, this alcohol-free spirit helps you get the most out of every moment without giving up indulgence and reward.

The ideal alternative to gin for a more mindful life, Ceder’s non-alcoholic spirit makes a delightful gift for friends and family or when you want to treat yourself.

Ceder's Rose
  • 16.9 FL. OZ.
  • $ 24.99

0% Alcohol


0 Calories



A blend of botanicals


A fresh foresty flavor that gives you all the Gin sensations


Delicate floral flavours, fragrant and smooth


Floral and fruity


Sweet, woody and a little nutty

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Ceder’s Rose, a match made in sweet heaven with zero sugar.
Have you already tried it? With a juniper aroma, you’ll find notes of rose and sweet citrus, then a delicate sweetness will linger on the palate. Discover our cocktails recipe made with Ceder’s Rose via the link in our bio.

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Let’s raise a glass to sunny days and balmy nights with refreshing cocktails.
Have you tried our Ceder’s Crisp? With notes of cucumber, juniper, mint and chamomile, it has the perfect refreshing kick for those relaxed outdoor moments.

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Ceder’s Wild Ginger Spritz, best shared with a friend.

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Let’s celebrate World Cocktail Day with a Ceder’s Classic Martini. Timeless and refreshing, try our take on this classic drink.
For more cocktail inspiration, check out the link in our bio.

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Your new brunch allies for this Spring: Ceder’s Classic, fresh and floral, and Ceder’s Rose, soft and sweet. Both with 0% alcohol and zero sugar. Take your pick!
Start the week-end right: invite some friends over for a spontaneous cocktail night, try our Ceder’s Classic Citrus Sour and enjoy!

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