KCals % Alc. Sugar
KCals % Alc. Sugar
KCals % Alc. Sugar
KCals % Alc. Sugar

Ceder's Rose

Soft & Sweet

Ceder’s Rose is always a hit is with notes of rose, juniper and hibiscus. It is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit with delicate sweetness and a smooth finish. Like all the Ceder’s flavors, Rose has 0% Alcohol, 0 calories and 0 sugar – just great flavor from excellent ingredients and expert distillation.

To enjoy Ceder’s Rose at home, try mixing 1 part Ceder’s with 2 parts tonic and garnish with fresh raspberries and mint. For more cocktail inspiration, check out our Ceder’s recipes below.

Don’t take our word for it, the Ceder’s products have won a number of medals for great taste- including Gold for Rose at the 2022 World Drinks Awards.

Ceder's Rose
  • 16.9 FL. OZ.
  • $ 24.99

0% Alcohol


0 Calories



A blend of botanicals


A fresh foresty flavor that gives you all the Gin sensations


Delicate floral flavours, fragrant and smooth


Floral and fruity


Sweet, woody and a little nutty

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Let’s raise a glass to the beginning of Spring! Head to Ceder’s website to discover all our cocktail recipes (link in bio).

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Shaking up your non-alcoholic cocktails is easy with Ceder’s. Swipe to discover our Ceder’s Rose & Tonic recipe. 

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Packed with botanicals, Ceder’s Crisp is the perfect light and refreshing drink for the upcoming spring. 

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Ceder’s Crisp or Ceder’s Rose? Let us help you decide your next favorite drink. 
- Crisp: light and refreshing with Cucumber and Chamomile notes 
- Rose: soft and sweet with notes of Rose and Hibiscus 

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Ceder’s Crisp & Tonic, a light and refreshing cocktail with 0% alcohol. 

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This Valentine’s Day, choose Ceder’s Rose for a toast to love! With 0% alcohol, 0 calories, 0 sugar, but a delicate sweetness, it’s the perfect drink to celebrate. 

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