What is Ceder’s?

Ceder’s is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit, for a refreshing and great-tasting non-alcoholic Ceder’s & tonic (a non-alcoholic version of a G&T) or cocktail of your choice. Ceder’s has four exceptional expressions to choose from, developed to be enjoyed with tonic as a long drink. Ceder’s is the perfect choice for a refreshing and sophisticated alternative to alcohol.

How is Ceder’s made?

Ceder’s is made by distilling classic botanicals, like juniper, with more unique botanicals, like rooibos and buchu, from the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape in South Africa – where Ceder’s gets its name.

Is Ceder’s a gin?

No, Ceder’s is not a gin, but we use many similar distilled botanicals, such as juniper berries.

What is Ceder’s made from?

We carefully craft Ceder’s from 15 botanicals, each specially selected for their specific flavors. These flavors are harvested and distilled, then blended to create the four distinct flavor profiles of the Ceder’s range – each with a distinct personality while sharing important elements:





And full of flavor.

What does Ceder’s Classic taste like?

Ceder’s Classic is floral and balanced, combining classic botanicals such as juniper and coriander with hints of geranium and Cape floral fynbos.

What does Ceder’s Crisp taste like?

Ceder’s Crisp is refreshing and tranquil, combining classic botanicals such as juniper and citrus with cucumber and calming chamomile.

What does Ceder’s Wild taste like?

Ceder’s Wild is spicy and intriguing, combining classic botanicals such as juniper and ginger with clove and rooibos.


What does Ceder’s Rose taste like?

Ceder’s Rose is vibrant and delicious, combining classic botanicals such as juniper and citrus with delicate notes of rose and sweet hibiscus.


What can I mix with Ceder’s?

Ceder’s is delicious mixed with tonic over ice for a refreshing, non-alcoholic version of the classic G&T.

With Ceder’s distilled non-alcoholic spirits, you can be as creative as you like – from traditional cocktails to exciting new creations.

If you’d like some inspiration, head to the Ceder’s Cocktail Page for a selection of delicious classic and not-so-classic non-alcoholic cocktails to mix up with your favorite Ceder’s flavor.

Does Ceder’s contain any alcohol?

Ceder’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits are categorized as non-alcoholic because they have less than 0.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume).


While there is a trace element of alcohol in our products due to natural fermentation, the level is equal to what you’ll find in orange juice, apple juice, or even a ripe banana!

Why is it called Ceder’s?

Ceder’s gets its name from the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape, South Africa. These mountains are where the intriguing botanicals used to make Ceder’s grow naturally and give the products their unique botanical flavors.

Can I drink Ceder’s straight?

Ceder’s was created to be enjoyed as part of a long drink- it can be enjoyed straight if you prefer, but to maximise the botanical flavor profile of each of the products, we recommend mixing up one of the delicious non-alcoholic cocktails that can be found on our Ceder’s Cocktail Page.

How do I store Ceder’s?

Ceder’s should be stored in a cool dark place. There is no need to refrigerate and it should not be stored below 0°C.

Is Ceder’s sugar-free?

Yes, Ceder’s is sugar-free.

Is Ceder’s gluten-free?

Yes, Ceder’s is gluten-free.

Is Ceder’s vegan?

Yes, Ceder’s is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

How long does Ceder’s last?

We recommend consuming Ceder’s within three months of opening to enjoy the blend of botanicals at their best.

Has Ceder’s won any awards?

The Ceder’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits range has won numerous gold medals in international spirits competitions, such as Low & No Masters, World Drinks, Drinks Business & Spirits Business, and many more.

Anything else?

At Ceder’s, we live by the motto – Live Free Spirit!

Live truly. Fully. Mindfully.

Live not by default,

but with intention.

Not on auto-pilot,

but with curiosity

Because life’s not to be wasted.

Live to lead, not to follow.

Live to let go – wherever you go.

Live together, close together.

Live spontaneously

with zero reservations.

Live an adventure with zero baggage.

Live creatively with zero regrets.

Live boldly with zero fear.

Live as if it’s all there is.

Live it all. Live free.

Live it all, freely.

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