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Hello December and holiday season. We’re ready for the end of the year festivities with our award-winning non-alcoholic spirits. The Ceder’s range has four delicious drinks to choose from, so your guests will always have variety.

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Sip on pink with our Rose & Tonic. Swipe to discover the recipe.

#LiveFreeSpirit #CedersDrinks
Back to classics! (Re)discover Ceder’s Classic, our first-ever non-alcoholic spirit.
To enjoy, mix 1 part Ceder’s Classic with 2 parts tonic and garnish with lemon and rosemary. Simple and tasty!
Like all Ceder’s flavors, Classic contains 0% Alcohol, No Calories and Zero sugar.

#LiveFreeSpirit #CedersDrinks
Try something new today. Why not make a cocktail you’ve never done before? Check out our recipes on our website or get creative and come up with a new one.

#LiveFreeSpirit #CedersDrinks
4 reasons to try Ceder’s non-alcoholic spirits this week:
- to enjoy festive and tasty moments
- to improve your sleep and boost your immune
- to say no if you don't want to consume alcohol and
don't feel any social pressure 
- to reduce your sugar intake

#LiveFreeSpirit #CedersDrinks
Ceder’s Wild is perfect for those who like a bit more bite, with notes of clove, juniper, oak and ginger. It’s woody warmth and sweet, nutty taste are perfect for enjoying as the cold weather begins to draw in.
As with all our products, there’s 0 % alcohol / 0 sugar / 0 kcals – but lots of flavour!

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