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CEDER'S Classic
 Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit

Fresh & Floral

Ceder’s Classic is a staple in our range, with notes of juniper, coriander and citrus. It is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit with a smooth palate and delicate finish. Like all the Ceder’s flavors, Classic contains 0% Alcohol and Zero sugar – just great flavor from excellent ingredients and expert distillation.

To enjoy Ceder’s Classic at home, try mixing 1 part Ceder’s with 2 parts tonic and garnish with lemon and rosemary. For more cocktail inspiration, check out our Ceder’s recipes below.

Don’t take our word for it, the Ceder’s products have won a number of medals for great taste including Gold for Classic at the 2022 Spirits Business No & Low Masters.

Contains added preservatives.

Tasting Notes

With a smooth palate and delicate finish, this alcohol-free spirit helps you get the most out of every moment. The distinctive taste of juniper with citric notes combined with the flavor of full-bodied rooibos and its sweet, nutty character. Woody warmth and fruity lighter tones balance the mid-palate. Hints of lavender add freshness to deliver a delightful floral finish.

The ideal alternative for a more mindful life, Ceder’s non-alcoholic spirit makes a delightful gift for friends and family or when you want to treat yourself.

CEDER'S Classic | Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit
  • 50 cl

0% Alcohol




A blend of botanicals


A fresh foresty flavor that gives you all the earthy juniper sensations


Sweet, woody and a little nutty


A lemony herb, for the freshness



Floral, fresh with a touch of mint

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Out of office mood : a pool and a refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

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For the dad(s) in your life that love a delicious and refreshing drink, minus the alcohol, grab a bottle of Ceder’s to celebrate. Happy Father’s Day!

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Impress your guests with Ceder’s Crisp Basil Smash. Swipe to see the recipe.

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Ceder’s Classic, Crisp, Rose and Wild are 4 successful combinations of some of our 15 carefully selected botanicals. They each have a very distinct personality while sharing 3 common elements:
0% alcohol
0 sugar
and full of flavour!

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